CZAR`S GOLD Vodka gift box 1,75L 1,0L 0,7L 0,5L Premium vodka

When you discover CZAR`S GOLD, you will expetience the pinnacle of our Poyal collection of premium vodkas.

It took two years to create the CZAR`S GOLD Formula. Our distillers had to come up with a wide gamut of creative tricks to give our raw materials the properties stated in the historical recipe.

Our ancient forebears were aware of the rejuvenating properties of gold. No wonder Egyptian pharaons couldn`t get enough of this precious metal. Cleopatra used gold thread implants to rejuvenate her facial skin. In Greek mythology, frequent mentions were made of  «rejuvenating gold apples». Russian Tsars drank out of solid gold goblets. It was believed that having sat in a gold goblet for a length of time, any beverage will acquire rejuvenating properties.

CZAR`S GOLD is distilled according to a Petrine-era recipe with honey and lime tree flower infusion. It is destilled from deluxe rectified alcohol and the purest Lake Ladoga water. CZAR`S GOLD is purified by flowing through a succession of special membrane filters. Drop by precious drop, CZAR`S GOLD is purified by flowing through gold-threaded filters.

Only CZAR`S GOLD is enriched by 24-carat gold ions.

The CZAR`S GOLD bottle, decorated with 99.9% pure gold, is made from special pharmacy glass, keeping its taste perfectly intact throughout its warranted shelf life.

CZAR`S GOLD is an elegant addition to glamorous recepcions and elite club parties.

CZAR`S GOLD, preserving the traditions of Russia`s Golden Age.

Size: 0,5 L; 0,7 L.; 1,0 L.; 1,75 L. Alcohol: 40%

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