IMPERIAL GOLD Vodka 0.05L; 0.5L; 0.7L; 0.75L; 1.0L; 1.75L; 3.0L. IMPERIAL GOLD vodka

Imperial Passion and Tradition

To Russians, vodka is an ancient, traditional spirit distilled from the Russian spirit itself. Russians are passionate about their vodka. It is as essential as water to Russian life. So it was in 1721, when Peter the Great was crowned Emperor of Russia, a special one-of-a-kind vodka was created to celebrate this occasion. That vodka, today, is known as Imperial Collection Gold.

A Royal Reception
Stylish, Fashionable, Trendsetting
In Russia, Imperial Collection Gold has become indispensable at official receptions, diplomatic meetings, and celebrity galas. You’ll find it in the most stylish clubs, fashionable bars, and trendsetting restaurants.

Created to Impress
Imperial Collection Gold was created to impress — whether Peter the Great, or you. When you pour Imperial Collection Gold for someone special in your life, someone important to your business, or some cherished friends, you will make a royal impression.

Russian Gold
Imperial Collection Gold has won the highest awards at tasting competitions, and is the choice of discerning palates around the world.

Golden Grain
We don’t simply buy premium wheat. We grow it themselves on fertile Russian soil, to exacting standards - using only natural ingredients.

Glacially Pure Water
Lake Ladoga, near St. Petersburg, is the largest lake of glacial origin in Europe. Its pure and soft waters are the exclusive source for Imperial Collection Gold.

Meticulously Produced
Premium Ingredients deserve a premier production process. After distillation, 11 stages of purification follow, using a multi-step carbon filtration system. A final 12th stage "polishes" the vodka with exclusive golden membrane filters. The result: Royal Russian Vodka of exceptionally smooth texture and refined taste.

Treat Yourself Royally
24-Karat Gold
While you may not be able to judge a book by its cover, you can anticipate the luxurious experience of sipping Imperial Collection Gold from its unique bottle design. The specially satinated glass preserves and protects the superior spirits within. The gold-leaf ornamentation reflects the vodka’s supreme purity, royal roots, and opulent finish.

The Crowning Moment
Imperial Collection Gold is made to savor. Store it in your freezer for a sip of Siberian winter. Savor it at room temperature like Russian royalty. Sip it on the rocks, straight up, or in a dry martini, to add a touch of privilege to the evening.

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Size: 0.05 L.; 0.5 L.; 0.7 L.; 0.75 L.; 1.0 L.; 1.75 L.; 3.0 L. Alcohol: 40%

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