Quality control

     Our company pays much attention to the quality of our production. After all, quality is the main basis of our professional and corporate reputation as one of the leading alcohol producer in Russia. Absolutely all Ladoga’s production  are put out in full compliance with all state standards and  go through a strict quality control  at all stages of production. In spite of this, our production is regularly controlled by representative government authority. In the section "News" you can find concrete information about numerous prizes which were given to the company’s production following the results of the most prestigious tasting competitions, including international ones, where the jury is recognized and established professionals in the proper field. Here we want to tell you how we achieve the high quality of our production.

     One of the most important aspect of successful development of our factory and maintain a high quality of our production is its constant modernization and application of the latest scientific developments. For that, a research department was created at the ladoga factory . The stuff studies the newest science achievements and technologies to put them into production. They take active part in Russian and international seminars, forums and symposiums and also interact with leading Russian institutes and foreign alcohol producers. The main department purpose is searching of fundamentally new solutions of alcohol quality problems. The most important task for us is development and production of alcoholic beverages with a reduced level of toxicity of ethyl alcohol, and this alcohol must posses improved consumer properties.

     It is known, that vodka’s taste and fragrance is mainly determined by the alcohol quality, composition and property of water, and also clearing technologies. For the production of our beverages we mainly use Russian grain alcohol of the category "Lux", which has the highest testing scores. The distinguishing feature of the factory under choosing alcohol supplier is an integrated non-standard approach. The factory constantly receives new alcohol samples from different producers. Tasting committee compares them with the standard samples and takes decision about the possibility of using in the production. Before ordering alcohol, our representatives go to the alcohol factories, appreciate the production, control the process of production and control the alcohol shipment. At the same time it is appreciated climatic conditions for growing cereals, we also strictly control the quality of raw materials under all steps of growing and storing. At different steps we use   classical scheme of production (using malt - natural grain product), as well as progressive technologies of grain preparation and rectification. Combination of traditional and advanced technologies allows to get alcohol which meets all the safety criteria with the best physicochemical and testing figures.

     Extremely strict demands are raised for alcohol used for super premium vodka production. Selection of an alcohol supplier was preceded by long-term complex analysis of physical, chemical and organoleptical  characteristics of alcohol of different manufacturers and their production technologies. As a result, alcohol for super premium vodka of our company is produced by one of the mayor alcohol factories in Russia located in Central Black Earth Region. It is one of a few factories which focuses on preservation of the long-standing traditions of alcohol production in terms of quality which guarantees steadily high standards of alcohol produced. Factory location allows maintaining stability of the material base for alcohol production — a special mixture of durum wheat and high-quality rye. We selected the original cereal mixture in cooperation with the specialists of the alcohol factory according to the fundamental working experience of the factory and experimental projects of our experts.

     Special attention is paid to the production of super premium vodka. There is a unique technology of manufacturing elaborated for some of them which includes charcoal filtration. Charcoal is produced especially for our company and is impregnated with silver which allows balancing the structure and properties of the beverage.

     Each of super premium vodka has its own recipe and production specialties. For manufacturing of Imperial Collection Gold vodka we use exclusive white honey selected for its subtle taste and delicate, faint fragrance.  This honey is supplied by a private apiary situated in a nature reserve area. Due to its location and a large amount of old lime trees near the apiary, its owner collects rare and practically clean white honey during a blooming period of lime trees. It is important to emphasize that at the final stage of production filtration process of Imperial Collection Gold vodka takes 3 stages of micro filters and not 2 (as other brands), and the last stage  — "golden silk"  filters - is designed especially for this spirit. The technology peculiarities lead to the perfect balance and delicacy of vodka. Since the ancient times gold has been used by healers for general health care and promotion in spite of its insolubility in water. According to the general principles of homeopathy and the modern idea of information fields one can suppose that while vodka is infiltrating through "golden silk" filters at a certain speed, its structuring and alteration of its properties take place.

     As for the second component of the alcohol production - water - because of a number of researches we have created a unique system of water preparation, which not only solves the problem of removing unwanted contaminants and improves organoleptic properties, but it also retains its unique natural properties. The original technological methods, which are used at the factory, give Ladoga’s water the properties which make water’s taste soft, rounded and harmonious. These are magnetic treatment, multistep filtration through the layers of natural materials — quartz sand and activated charcoal and the final stage, which has not analogs, is the system of membrane filter. 

     The mixing process is very important stage of producing vodka and infusions.  The efficiency of this process has a great influence on a future technological processing. A unique mixing system was installed at our factory and this system allows not only determine alcohol and water proportion directly in the stream, but organize the mixing process as much effective and quick as possible. Prepared alcohol and water mixture "rests" in special containers, and then it’s filtrated through a pure quartz sand of Finland deposit and activated charcoal. The process of   vodka’s purification and formation of new compounds occurs under its low filtration through quarts and coal. And this filtration refines vodkas taste and fragrance.

     Alcohol beverages are prepared from extracts or fruit drinks, then we have the mixing process and after that the beverages are sent to a long after mixing "rest". This "rest" helps to mix more effectively all the components of the beverages. Before bottling, alcohol production goes the final stage of delicate two-phase purification through filtering elements which are obtained from natural materials. At the end the production looks much clear and brilliance.

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