Distribution System

Alcohol Distributor

Russian market of elite class vodka today is vulnerable to counterfeiting, so to make safe purchases you must deal with a reliable distributor. Especially it concerns large scale deals. No one wants to get forgery. Moreover, buying large quantities of nay goods, trade networks are aimed to income funds, to make their trade more profitable.

Deal with Ladoga Company is a direct deal with a manufacturer, so it is commercially most viable and secure. Among the variety of russian vodka distributors Ladoga Company has most clear countrywide reputation in vodka distribution direction.

Distribution System

  • Ladoga Group since the moment of its foundation in 1995 started out as Distribution Company and has a rich experience in this direction.
  • On the territory of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region supply of products to retail and wholesale networks implemented by LADOGA DISTRIBUCION.
  • Work with the regions is carried out in close collaboration with more than 120 distribution companies which supply products to the trade enterprises and catering throughout Russia.
  • Ladoga Group JSC has supply contracts for their products with nearly all trading networks of Russia.
  • The company is developing and implementing jointly with distributors programs of promotion of its products, aiming both on staff motivation outlets and the final consumer (advertising and promotions, raffles, seasonal discounts, tastings, etc.)
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