Ladoga Group has started to deliver the production for export since 2002. Now export deliveries are carried out almost in 40 countries of the world, including the states of CIS, Europe, US, Asia, Australia, the Near and Far East. The essential volume of deliveries is necessary for premium class production (the brands such as "Original Czar`s vodka", "Imperial collection gold", and "Czar`s Village"). In the beginning of September, 2009 the company has let out a drink of super-premium segment: an exclusive product — vodka CZAR’S GOLDEN SNOW which spreads specially for abroad deliveries strictly by limited parties.

Ladoga Group repeatedly received the highest awards, gold medals and Grand prix at prestigious international exhibitions and competitions for excellent quality of production, the most known and significant: Anuga-2001 (Germany, Cologne), "Green week - 2002" (Germany, Berlin), "SIAL - 2002" (France, Paris), "SIAL-China - 2003-2004" (China, Shanghai), Russia Vodka and Drinks for American Market - 2007 (the USA, New York), "The International spirits ISW-2009" (London), «The Vodka Masters 2012» (London). One of developing and perspective directions of export activity of Ladoga Group is manufacture of private marks for the foreign companies, for example, the companies from the USA and Great Britain. The Company production has received excellent responses from Chicago Beverage Tasting Institute.
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