HACCP, a quality management system, has been introduced at  Fruko-Schulz factory.

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is a system of food safety management which provides control over absolutely all stages of the food chain at any point of the production process, as well as control over storage and sales where there is a possibility of a dangerous situation.

HACCP system is mainly used by manufacturers of food products. In developed countries each manufacturer develops its own HACCP system, in which all the technological features of production are taken into consideration. The developed system may be modified, processed to conform to any changes in the processes of production technologies.

HACCP  in the world practice

HACCP system is used in almost all civilized countries of the world, and in the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, Japan, etc., the introduction of HACCP is obligatory according to the law. Originally, HACCP was used to monitor quality and safety of astronauts’ food. Due to its effectiveness, the system has been used not only in the space industry. In the mid 80s the Academy of Sciences of the United States offered use of that system to all the companies involved in the food production. The motto of the offer was "from farm to fork". The proposed principles of the HACCP system have been approved by international organizations of the EU and the UN.

Being the most effective way to prevent diseases caused by food, the HACCP system is used at all the stages of the food chain, from primary agricultural production (crop and animal farming) to the wholesale and retail trade. Moreover, a great number of the stages of production and sale of food products, which are also targets of the HACCP system, includes the production of feed for animal husbandries, raw materials primary processing, the actual production of food, biological and chemical additives production, food products transportation and storage, packaging materials production and use, as well as public catering networks.

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