Fruko Schulz history

Fruko Schulz is one of the largest Czech manufacturers of spirits and liqueurs.

The history of the company dates back to 1898, when Moritz Schulz established the first factory specialized in dessert wines and liqueurs in Austria-Hungary. Initially, it was a small enterprise with just 30 employees. Afterwards, the enterprise purchased a brewery located in the same area. The range of products expanded. The factory operated even during World War I and II consistently producing dessert wine and fruit syrups.

After the nationalization of 1948, Fruko Schulz factory fell under government control, but in 1993, it was returned to Moritz Schulz’s heirs. Those, in their turn, began to restore family business starting with the complete re-equipment of the factory, purchase of equipment for the launch of new production lines and extension of the product range. A significant amount of money was spent on the state-of-art distillation equipment which allowed including spirits in the range.

At the moment Fruko-Schulz's profile includes over 50 categories of beverages. The factory has a well-deserved reputation of one of the major alcohol producers known by a great number of customers due to sustainably superior quality of the products and competitive prices.

In 2011  Ladoga Group renewed the product range of Fruko-Schulz factory.

Fruko Schulz is one of the leaders of absinth production in Europe and one of the largest absinth producers in the world.

All the beverages possess such properties as superior quality, nice taste, use of natural ingredients only and bright eye-catching packaging.

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