Ladoga’s products have been awarded over 60 gold medals at various international competitions.

Vodka Imperial Collection Gold has won a Gold Award and a title of BEST VODKA in Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition 2014!

Imperial Collection Gold vodka, which is an export analogue of Czar’s Gold, is the leader in the number of awards among other Ladoga’s products. 2012 was a particularly productive year in the number of awards  won by Imperial Collection Gold. In particular, in 2012, this vodka received gold medals at such competitions of alcoholic beverages as International Review of Spirits Award 2012 and Beverly Hills International Spirits Awards 2012 (USA), as well as the Master award and two gold medals at The Vodka Masters 2012 (UK). In 2013, Imperial Collection Gold won Grand Gold of the Monde Selection International Tasting Competition 2013. It’s worth mentioning that in 2008, Imperial Collection Super Premium, another product manufactured by Ladoga,  was awarded Grand Gold at Monde Selection.

On May 30, 2013, the awarding ceremony of Superior Taste Award in 2013 took place in Brussels, celebrating the winners of the competition, including Imperial Collection Gold which won 1 Golden Star. Superior Taste Award, organized annually by the International Taste and Quality Institute (ITQI), is considered an "Oscar" for the food industry. International Taste & Quality Institute is the leading independent organization of chefs and sommeliers who have been awarded Michelene stars and have devoted themselves to expert review and certification of food and drinks with excellent taste. The independent jury committee includes recognized sommeliers, prominent members of the International Association of Sommeliers (ASI) with coverage of over 30 national European organizations.

For the last 10 years Czar’s Gold and Imperial Collection Gold have won awards at following prestigious Russian and international tasting competitions and food exhibitions:
  • Gold Award and a title of BEST VODKA in Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition 2014
  • Prodexpo exhibition (Moscow) , 2003-2013
  • United Vodka tasting competition (USA)
  • Russian vodka & drinks for American market tasting competition (USA)
  • BestVodkaAward tasting competition (Moscow)
  • Green Week exhibition ( Berlin, Germany )
  • ANUGA, international exhibition of food and drinks
  • Vinexpo, international exhibition of wine and spirits
  • SIAL exhibition ( Paris, France)
  • Moscow Wine & Spirits Competition

  • In 2012 and 2013, Imperial Collection Faberge series won awards  at  Beverly Hills International Spirits Awards. Imperial Collection gift set is made in style of Faberge and is a true hand-made masterpiece. All decorated details are covered with 24-carat gold , and a vodka decanter and four shots are made from Venetian glass with exquisite gilding.
  • Conde Otiñano Reserva 2008, produced by Ladoga Group, received the silver medal at the VII International Competition Zarcillo Award 2013. This competition is one of the most significant events in the wine world, participants of which are manufacturers from Europe, America, Asia, Oceania and Africa.
  • ZVER’ (Beast) vodka, produced by Ladoga Group since 2013, has won three silver medals at a prestigious European tasting competition The Vodka Masters 2013. The jury of the competition highly appreciated the taste of ZVER’ (Beast) vodka and awarded it silver medals in three categories - Russia, Europe and Premium.
  • Liqueurs by Fruko-Schulz won three superior awards at a prestigious European tasting competition The Liqueur Masters 2013. Fruko Schulz Cream Liqueur, Fruko Schulz Green Apple, and Fruko Schulz Bitter received Master awards in Cream, Fruit, and Herbs & Bitters categories respectively. A product can receive Master award only if the entire judging committee gives it a 90-point score, which only proves the highest quality of Fruko-Schulz’s products. In 2012, Fruko Schulz Coffee was awarded the silver medal at the competition in the Design and Packaging category. Design of all the liqueurs of the range was developed by Claessens International, the famous London agency. Liqueur Masters Certificates
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